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Under the Trenchcoat- Neutron Agent Extensions


Neutron agents are a critical part of the Openstack networking infrastructure. The Quality of Service (QoS) effort leading up to Liberty prompted the creation of an L2 agent extension mechanism in order to provide a defined ability for agent extensions to be added to the neutron-openvswitch-agent. Other Neutron L2 agents, such as neutron-linuxbridge-agent and neutron-sriov-agent, have since been modified to utilize this extension mechanism. In the Newton cycle, this framework was generalized and implemented in Neutron’s L3 base agent, with FWaaS’ v2 implementation as the initial subscriber.

Barcelona, Spain

This talk will discuss:

  • The history of agent extensions in Neutron.
  • A deep dive into how they function.
  • Various use cases that take advantage of them.

We will review a selection of the current use cases for agent extensions. Finally we will examine future use cases and development trends for Neutron agent extensions.